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Information about Head Council
Information about Head Council
PM Berisha welcomes 3 thousand young people to DP

- GoA to pay for social insurances, social contributions and other expenditure of every youth over the first three years of work in business or undertaking.

3 thousand young people from Durrës city joined the Democratic Party (DP) and its Youth Forum. Prime Minister Sali Berisha attended the festive occasion of them obtaining the membership card and symbolically gave the cards to three of them. 

The International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) representatives in Albania for their annual meeting also participated in the event. Daniel Walther, the German CDU representative and IYDU Chairman extended a special greeting speech to the event. Walther said that Albania is changing thanks to the DP and PM Berisha, but added that Albania’s promising youth is the real change. “The visa-free travel of the Albanians in Europe since 2010 is a fundamental change and the IYDU encourages you to victory at June 23 general elections so that change goes on”, said he.

Expressing his thanks to representatives of the 100 sister-like parties from Europe and all the world, PM Berisha said it was a happy day because 3 thousand young people in Durrës have decided to join the DP and confirm that the DP is full of energy and its ideals are alive like never before.

“On this day you become members of the main political force of change in Albania and you enter into the heart of the country’s development. Albania youth founded the DP 22 years ago. And in the course of this time youth has been the determining factor of its victories. Owing to your energy, open-mindedness and your dedication Albania has changed more than every other country, from the country of clones and barbed wires, isolation and bunkers into a NATO member country of citizens who can travel freely all over Europe”, said PM Berisha.

The prime minister highlighted the fact that in 6 years time the number of students attending university in Albania got tripled. “Every project has its roots in your dreams of youth. Hence, I pledge the government will make the utmost for your employment”, said PM Berisha.

The prime minister also promised that the government is set to pay for social insurances, social contributions and other expenditure of every youth over the first three years of work in business or undertaking. “I call on all entrepreneurs to employ Albania youth and get to know their ability, energy, honesty, qualification and enjoy their most beautiful dreams become a reality”, said the prime minister.

Speaking about the June 23 general elections, the prime minister said that the country is on the threshold of electoral campaign to the great celebration event of freedoms, free vote, great victory and great change of a developed and European Albania. “On June 23 we tear down the wall of blocking and leave the communist fathers’ last will to Edi Rama, but we shall advance toward joining EU on our road free of barriers”, said the prime minister.  

Likewise, he called on the youth to knock on every Albanian heart and collect votes targeting to restore the plebiscite victory of the DP by 1992.




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