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Information about Head Council
Information about Head Council
GoA to take decision on use of vouchers

- Premier Berisha: The initial step will be acknowledge of the owners right to buy by means of vouchers an object set to be privatized. 


Prime Minister Sali Berisha said today during meeting of the Council of Ministers that soon the government will take a decision on use of vouchers emitted in 1995.


The vouchers were emitted in 1995. The then governing majority targeted to make a kind of distribution of national wealth through a certain bonus given to every citizen older than 18 years old. The deep financial crisis, the rebellion of 1997, the kleptocratic system imposed following 1997 turned them into inexistent. 13 years have passed by since that period. The government and the majority abided by their promise not to deny them, but that it will find a way of their treatment. When they were emitted, because of no substantial reasons, but more as an echo, they imitated privatization money while on the other hand the privatization money was going to be used for compensation of the days suffered in prison in accordance with the laws of the time. The privatization vouchers have in no circumstances be specified as lek. However, we must begin to launch their use, said the premier.


As an initial step, Premier Berisha considered the acknowledgement of the right of the owners to buy with vouchers an object that will be privatized.


In order to be serious, I think as an initial step giving the opportunity to the owners to buy by means of vouchers. The Ministry of Economy and Finance experts will work out their equivalence. Thus, it will be easy for the owner to buy objects that will be privatized. This measure should be taken quickly. Buying is legal as applied in private public co-ownership where the right of buying is given for the public part. The previous governments canceled this law which is in favor of the owners, but we have amended and restored it, said the premier.


While ensuring no negative effect on economy, the premier said that use of vouchers will be made step by step.


I believe it is worthy and indispensable to take the first step. There is no other way except for step by step progress because the world financial situation allows no experiment, but imposes rigorous, mature and well-examined steps and I believe that the decision to acknowledge the right of buying be means of vouchers to the owners will have no negative impact on the economy, but it will facilitate the burden of one strata which fully deserves it. The beginning of procedures, monitoring, the created experiment will teach us of the second step, the third and so on.


The premier made it clear that vouchers are not money, but they will be used to buy objects in proportion to their value.


No one, - said the premier- can think they are lek, as they are vouchers and we do not deny. My government has extended the use deadline of these vouchers and we shall continuo to. We shall consider all potentials of their use, but there is no question of lek. The money of the political persecuted is one thing and vouchers another. But, the latter can be used to buy assets in a suitable proportion to its value.


Premier Berisha said that following this measure the government will examine the other steps to be launched in this direction.


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